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What if you were being watched and being judged by an entity that bothered you since childhood? What if this stalker turns out to be your worst nightmare: a duck?

Your character wants to face their fear by collecting rubber duckies around their house while ducks from the depth of hell chases them. Conquer the fear, one ducky at a time.

This game was done in a 46 hours period for the 14th edition of the Creative Jam.

The dream team :

Ariane Gravel-Villeneuve

Cassandra Paré

Derek Capodagli

Emma Tremblay

Naomi Jomphe

Joël Tremblay

Lissa Dixon


WindowsNoEditor.zip 195 MB


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love ducks, had to play. thanks for the scares, heres a recording i did for the stream

Super Cool Game, Really Graphic, really scary game, and its a great simulation what it feels like to have the phobia!

I'm happy to play a great game!

I uploaded a play video on YouTube. from Japan. I'm sorry if the translation is strange.


素晴らしいゲームをプレイできてうれしいです! プレイ動画をYouTubeでアップロードしました。 日本からです。翻訳がおかしかったらごめんなさい。

I can't imagine what it must be like to have this fear but this is a good concept of what it must be like to have this fear especially in your own home where there are no ducks , only the ones in your mind.

It is creepy and definately feels eerie to play, it was a fun experience ....maybe not fun for those who suffer this condition though..... but a great little game none the less.

I’m not scared of ducks but the idea of being chased by one is something I would call pleasant lol. Game starts @11:56

Noice scares

Such a silly game! I beat it many many MANY times yet still found myself going back to play more. I had a lot of fun with this! Here's my playthrough:

That was a fun ride!



Damn evil ducks.

I actually really liked this game (starts at 1:55)

the game is small but I dont know why you guys dont use unreal engien and focus on improving and making bigger

This might just be the best indie game I have every played. I rated it a 

Goose/Duck. Thank you for blessing me with this game. 


(06:53) really cool game! Just like slender man haha!

Haha made a video to this a while a go with a little sketch about the phobia at the start,  brilliant game lol



I played and absolutely loved this! brought a big smile to my face :) 

Gameplay Timestamp: 8:34

We laughed and screamed Far to much at this, :D Thanks.

I wonder if Gary Larson is aware of this.

It stops responding right after it opens.


I Love these types of games wish there were more of them tbh.

Very neat idea for a game, having ducks chase you. This game would be great for someone who has a fear of ducks..... who I don't know is currently XD

This is kinda like a slender clone, which makes it easier to know what you're doing if you've played slender. The ducks are creepy but not scary and I know the aim of the game is not to be scary. I would ask for a graphics option but you'd told someone else that you would only do that, if you decided to continue on with the game.

Here's my video on this game and since it's a 3 Random Games video, your game is the first game I play


this game is not scary. this game is a scam, the enemies are ducks which is pefetic. please give it more scary design, make it a monster. and please fix the ending


It isn't meant to be seriously. It should pull some laughs out of you, not actually scaring you.


You mean pathetic. Not pefetic. And for the record, this game isn't supposed to be taken seriously or meant to be scary. Like Zavior said, it's just for laughs.


the title of the game is literally the fear of ducks.


bro the whole point of this game is for people who have a phobia of birds, think in ur small brain before u type.


if you enjoy this game. then you could play some of my games. they're also fun to play and scare you so much, you get scared



Are you 9 years old?


Very nice game. I love play it, but can you insert the graphic options?


If we do continue the game at some point, we might! However, for now, we won't, as the game was made for a game jam! :D


Awesome game! Had a lot of good laughs 

(Gameplay en español)


I dont even have the fobia and this scared me
(3 edits) (+1)

Pretty fun little game doesn't take long to complete but it's entertaining while it last!



VERY QUICK AND EASY GAME! Wish it was much harder but oh well. lol

(2 edits) (+1)

A nice game but I wish it was longer.  


We also wanted to make it longer, but 46hrs isn't much time! If we make a remaster/sequel it will have more content


Nice my Brotha'




I didn't even realise what I was meant to be doing for like 10 minutes lmao. I will never look at ducks the same way. 


Game was hilarious! I loved it!


Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content. Your game starts at 17:21 :)




Hey guys!

I recently did part #3 of my "Three horror games one video" on YouTube.

Anatidaephobia was one of them. Check it out if you like horror games from itch.io


Really Good Game! Love the Intense music - 6:15


Why was there a ghost duck on the ceiling? 


We thought it would be funny ;) we wanted to add some movement to the environment, hence the TV screen & the duck prints


Oh, cool. Is it an anxiety inducing event or just a kind of easter egg?

Just an easter egg! 

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