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Pretty fun little game doesn't take long to complete but it's entertaining while it last!


VERY QUICK AND EASY GAME! Wish it was much harder but oh well. lol

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A nice game but I wish it was longer.  

Nice my Brotha'


I didn't even realise what I was meant to be doing for like 10 minutes lmao. I will never look at ducks the same way. 

Game was hilarious! I loved it!

Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content. Your game starts at 17:21 :)




Hey guys!

I recently did part #3 of my "Three horror games one video" on YouTube.

Anatidaephobia was one of them. Check it out if you like horror games from


Really Good Game! Love the Intense music - 6:15


Why was there a ghost duck on the ceiling? 

Really loved the game, its felt kind silly and funny and scary made a short gameplay of it hope you enjoy

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The first time I saw this, I thought this was a horror game but clearly its kinda not.


that`s so silly nice

Found it quite easy, I think the game glitched on me near the end. 

Had a blast getting spooked by ducks!

I like the game because of all of the scary thing u pick ducks nice and lol 

Awesome game! A bit short but its kick ass!!


Epic short indie horror game the comedy mix with it was also ace great fun highly recommend

I'm already peeing my pants haha. I'm going back to play some games at hahaha

Oh god no......

lol that donald duck scream at the beginning

Give Me a look cool game 

Ducks are scary lol

Cool little duck game.

Gave it a go...

I used this game for my first video *after my intro video* No commentary, but it was fun, and kind of silly! I enjoyed it!

Never knew ducks could be so scary and demonic. I think I conquered my fear though. Great game! 

Short but fun for sure, definitely worth checking out!

wanted to point out the game is broken, you can pick up the same duck many times if you hit E fast enough. I cleared it in 14 seconds with 2 ducks.

Actually what happened is that you were very lucky. Multiple ducks can spawn on top of each other giving you the feeling that you can pick up the same duck many times. 

This could also be caused if he is clicking faster than the duck is de-spawning resulting in the game counting it multiple times, we'll look into it for the next one. Thanks for the feed back!

Tried it and it's not it.

Fun game, especially for such a quackly made one. Never did trust those feathered fiends!


i faced my fears and figured out how to use the keyboard with this game, thanks buddy.

Very sexy game, I beg a sequel.

whats the win music? i must have it it is fantastic.

here you go mate: 

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it gets copyright claimed on youtube, upload at your own risk. 

And it's just : the chicken dance : but in French. 

Such a fun and odd game! Love the idea!

This was a shorty but a goodie.. ducks who woulda thought.. 

Great game. A little short but still fun.

Nicely Made

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